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Where do You find the MVP's of Mom Dad Not Hear?

Good Morning My Friends


The Lions should be playing this weekend, but I will still watch along with millions of others!


At the end of the game, someone will be crowned MVP or Most Valuable Player (most likely the Quarterback, who has earned the award over 60% of the time).


Unlike a football game with a single MVP, writing a book involves a team of them! As we gear up for the weekend and the release of Mom Dad Not Hear: 30 Powerful Stories and Lessons about Leadership, Life, and Love from My Deaf Parents on Tuesday, February 13th, I'm excited to introduce the MVPs who played a key role in bringing this book to life!


The Real MVP’s – as found in the Acknowledgements section of the book!


A sincere thank you for dedicating your valuable time to explore the pages of this book. Time stands as our most valuable asset, and your decision to allocate some of it to read these pages is deeply appreciated. Your readership serves as the driving force propelling this book on its journey into the world.


To my parents, who gave me the gift of family and the opportunity to be a CODA. To Erin, my incredible wife, and our wonderful children, for creating our cherished family.


Bonnie Carolan, your hand served as the muse for Diana Lopez's brilliant cover artwork. Miblart team, your design work brought this book to life.


To Joe Sindorf and Kathleen Sindorf, thank you for partnering with me in crafting the magic within these pages. Phil de Haan, your eagle-eyed editing shaped this manuscript with precision.


Aryn Van Dyke, the Book Rockstar, your guidance justifies why you are one of the best in the business.


To Tammy Kolenda, SPMC, Deb Atwood, and Marc Carolan, your meticulous review ensured factual accuracy.


Lane Walker, my friend and mentor, your invaluable guidance is deeply appreciated.


Sara Novic, your willingness to engage and answer my questions was immeasurable help.


To Jon Acuff, thank you for writing your book, Finish. It was my one word for 2023 and served as a reminder to FINISH this book.


To Jamie Lemmen, Mary Fenech, Jennifer Salgat, Kate Casserly Van Auken, and Patrick Swain, thank you for your pivotal feedback and encouragement.


To Ben Newman, Alexis Ander Kashar, Kim Dabbs, Susan Schmidlkofer, SPHR, Bill McKendry, Bradley Klein, Keith Wann, and Cheri Dowling, your endorsements illuminate the reasons behind this book.


A tip of the hat to the Tri-City Association of the Deaf, where I learned the true meaning of community.


To the board, staff, and community at Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, thank you for being my connectivity to the Deaf community in West Michigan.


To friends and family who learned ASL to communicate with my parents, your efforts did not go unnoticed, bridging the language gap.


To the Akron-Fairgrove farm community, thank you for embracing our family and nurturing an environment where leadership could flourish.


To UPS, thank you for providing a career where I apply these lessons daily.


To all support organizations mentioned ahead, keep doing great work; the community needs your continued energy.


Lastly, Erin, there are not enough ways to express my gratitude. Your care and insightful feedback make me a better husband, father, and man every day. You were the first to read this story and offer feedback, the cornerstone of both me and this incredible journey together. 


Less than a week away, I'd appreciate it if you added this book to your library! It is being released in ebook, paperback, and hardcover all at the same time!


Ask to order it from any bookstore or find it through any online bookseller!


Click the photo to grab YOUR copy today!

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