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The Kindergartener and The Searchlight

Good Morning my friends!

Before I share one of my favorite stories with you, a couple of reminders!

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Now, onto the story!

A heartwarming story from my mother's childhood at the Michigan School for the Deaf (MSD) in Flint, Michigan, which has always been one of my favorite anecdotes.

Picture this – it's September 20, 1960, and the campus of MSD is buzzing with excitement. Vice President Richard Nixon, code-named 'Searchlight' by the Secret Service, pays a visit. My grandmother, being the attentive parent she was, always made sure my mother was impeccably dressed. This attention to appearance not only elevated my mother's confidence but also paved the way for a unique experience at such a tender age.

As the story goes, my six-year-old mother was among the fortunate few to shake hands with Vice President Nixon and even received a card signed by him. A cherished memento that, unfortunately, mysteriously disappeared from my grandparents' house around 1974.

The intriguing part of this story lies in a question posed to my mother by her house parents: why was she, at six years old, so remarkably confident? Her innocent response was, "when he goes to the bathroom, it stinks just like mine." The simplicity of her answer reflects the innocent perspective of a young girl who saw the world through pure eyes.

This story has become a touchstone in my life, serving as a mental reference whenever I feel intimidated or nervous about meeting someone new. It's a gentle reminder that beneath the layers of formality, we are all fundamentally the same. The memory always brings a smile to my face, grounding me and reinforcing the notion that, at our core, we are all just human.

Today my friends, I encourage you to remember the words of a six-year-old and stay confident in your interactions. It's a lesson that transcends time and circumstance, reminding us that, despite our varied experiences, we share a common humanity.

Wishing you a day filled with joy and confidence.


This week's book recommendation:

This week's book recommendation is written by a personal friend of mine.

Run Through: My Journey Through Moments of Flight by SB Stone

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