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My Grandmother Lived a Great Story

Earlier this week, we celebrated the life of Meta Jackson, my Grandmother. She lived a great story and it was a privilege to spend forty-two years as her grandson.

Today's newsletter is a small tribute to her. It will include excerpts from the eulogy I gave and a few of her accomplishments.


Eulogy Excerpts:

On the day I was headed back to say my final goodbye to Grandma, I was at a four-corner country road stop sign. The car in front of me had a decal that read, "Live a Great Story". As I wrote this talk, I kept coming back to this theme.
Meta Jackson? She lived a great story, right up until the very end of her amazing 89 years. An icon in this community, a legend at the Brentwood, our family's matriarch – Grandma was the one.
She was the true definition of a mom, grandma, and GG. Every ounce of her energy went into her family. Fiercely protective, devoted, and loyal, there was no doubt where her heart belonged.
I want everyone in this room to join me in living our own great stories, father time is undefeated, so let's squeeze everything out of this life while we’re here. My Grandma did.


Meta Jackson by the numbers:

  • 20,000+ - The number of games she bowled in her career.

  • 10,000 - The number of mud puddles she threatened to throw us in.

  • 2018 - The year she was inducted into the Frankenmuth-Vassar Bowling Association Hall of Fame

  • 80 - The number of consecutive years she was involved with the Tuscola County Fair in some capacity.

  • 75 - The number of consecutive years her family participated in the Michigan State Fair.

  • 60 - The number of consecutive years she was an election official.

  • 42 - The number of years I got to spend with her.

  • 25 - The number of years I spent talking to her once a week on the phone.

  • 10 - The number of great-grandchildren she loved.

  • 9 - The number of grandchildren she spoiled.

  • 4 - The number of children she raised.

  • 0 - The actual number of mud puddles she threw us in.


Book Recommendation for this week:

The only book that my grandmother claims she ever read cover to cover.

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