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Mornings with Mickey - A Hoop & A Hero

Good morning!


"Wyatt, bring me a basketball hoop." This was the video message my son, Brooks, had me record a couple of days before we hosted my wife’s family for a Christmas celebration.


Wyatt and Brooks, second cousins roughly fifteen years apart, have developed a remarkable bond over the last two years. Initially, Brooks would watch football and basketball highlight clips on my phone, then proceed to run around with a ball, insisting you call him Wyatt.


Brooks was the first to say ‘yes’ when asked about going to see Wyatt in both the MHSAA football and basketball finals. Watching Wyatt play in those big stadiums added to the larger-than-life image Brooks had in his mind.


Wyatt fully embraced his role, evident on Saturday when he delivered the basketball hoop. Since getting the mini-basketball hoop that hangs on his bedroom door, Brooks has been banging and clanging in the early hours of the morning.


Here are three "W’s" explaining why I love the relationship they have developed.


  • Work Ethic: Becoming a Division One athlete requires an insane amount of hard work. Brooks has many people from whom he can draw a great work ethic, and Wyatt exposes Brooks to it through sports.

  • Winning: The power of winning can influence a child at an early age. Exposing your children to winners early in their lives can be extremely beneficial.

  • Watching: Many athletes know they are being watched. Some embrace being a role model, while others do not. In this case, Wyatt knows Brooks is watching him and fully embraces it.


Today, my friends, if you can give your children access to people who can further show them a great work ethic, a winning mindset, and who embrace being a role model, I encourage you to do so!

This week's book recommendation:

This week’s book recommendation stems from a conversation I had with Wyatt. He caught me off guard by asking for good book recommendations.


Normally, I have regular go-to suggestions, but he made me think. Instead of the standard recommendations, I took the next hour or so to contemplate which book I was going to give him off my shelf.


The book I chose was W1NNING by Tim Grover. I selected this book because I’m confident he will relate to it, and it will further strengthen his winning mindset. Click on the photo to buy your copy today!

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