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From Poop Signs to Purpose: Answering Six of the Kids' Wildest Questions

Good Morning My Friends,

Ever wonder what it's like to do an author visit to a school? Well, buckle up, because yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to share my stories with over 500 students at my daughter's school!

From kindergarten to fourth grade, the energy was contagious, and the questions they asked were pure gold. (Thanks for the assist, Elloree, my trusty sidekick – ice cream's on me!)

Question Time: Straight from the Kiddos' Mouths!

What sparked your writing journey?

This one hits close to home. Losing my dad made me think about the legacy I wanted to leave. I decided to capture the stories of my Deaf parents, not just for myself, but for future generations to learn about the incredible people who helped shape who I am today.

Do you get rich from writing books?

(Let's be honest, this is probably the question on every aspiring author's mind!) The short answer: not directly, at least not yet. But the books do open doors to other exciting opportunities that are fruitful!

How long did it take to write them?

This depends on the book! The children's stories came together pretty quickly, but the original manuscript for Mom Dad Not Hear took almost ten years to find its way into the world.

Hey, you forgot the letter "Q" when showing us signs!

(Busted!) Thanks for keeping me on my toes. You're absolutely right – that Q completely slipped my mind. Guess I need to brush up on my ASL alphabet!

How did you learn to speak English?

Since ASL was my first language, it took a whole team effort from family and friends to help me learn spoken English. Speech therapy until I was eight definitely played a part too!

Is this the "poop" sign?

Let's just say some questions are better left unanswered.  (But yes, it was the correct sign!)

Inspiration for All Ages

While the student Q&A was a highlight, a question from a staff member also resonated deeply. They asked, "What do you enjoy more: elementary school visits or corporate speaking engagements?" Here's the thing: I love them both equally.

Whether it's a room full of curious kids or a group of professionals, each interaction presents a chance to connect, educate, and inspire.

The stories and lessons might be tailored to the audience, but the core goal remains the same: to leave a lasting impression and make sure the person who invited me gets a pat on the back for bringing me in!


A Huge Thank You (and a Shameless Plug!)

A massive shout-out to everyone at my daughter's school who made this visit happen – it was a blast!

As many of you know, setting goals is a big part of my life. One of those goals involves a specific number of school visits and speaking engagements this year. (Bonus points if they involve exploring new places!)

I'm well on my way, but there's always room for more! If you're interested in bringing the inspiration to your organization, shoot me an email at

Let's chat about how we can collaborate and make something amazing happen!


Book Recommendations this week!


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