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🤟 First Impressions Matter: The Process Behind the Design of the Mom Dad Not Hear Book Cover

Greetings and good morning!


This week my friends, I want to share with you the thought process behind the creation of the book cover for Mom Dad Not Hear: 30 Powerful Stories and Lessons about Leadership, Life, and Love from My Deaf Parents.


Non-negotiables for the Book Cover Design:


Setting the foundation for the cover design, I established a few non-negotiables that played a crucial role in shaping the visual identity of the book.


Cover Color and Versatility:


  • While considering my book a non-traditional memoir with a crossover appeal to leadership and self-help genres, I explored colors like white, black, and red.

  • Ultimately choosing white, my decision was influenced by the impact of white covers on bookshelves and the inspiration drawn from similar designs.


Clean, Eye-Catching Design:


  • Inspired by the captivating covers of Adam Grant and Daniel Pink, I aimed for a design that seamlessly blended eye-popping typography and artwork.

  • Ensuring the title's readability was a priority, given the overwhelming choices book buyers face.


Artwork or Design by a Deaf or CODA Artist:


  • A crucial requirement was the involvement of a Deaf or CODA artist in the design process.

  • Despite initial challenges in finding a suitable artist, social media led me to the talented Diana Lopez (@duppetpuppet) on Instagram.


Some Connection to My Parents:


  • To maintain a personal touch, I sought inspiration from my mother, incorporating her hand to represent the iconic "I Love You" ASL sign in Diana's artwork.

  • Witnessing my mother's joy upon seeing the proof cover and gifting her the original commissioned painting added a heartfelt dimension to the project.

The journey of creating the book cover for Mom Dad Not Hear became a labor of love, blending personal connections, artistic collaboration, and strategic design choices. Each element was carefully chosen to leave a lasting impression, embodying the essence of the powerful stories and lessons within the pages.


I hope that you enjoy the fusion of creativity and emotion that resulted in this cover that not only reflects the contents but also pays homage to the deaf experience and my parents' legacy.

This week's book recommendation:

This week's book recommendation is one of my own. Much like the book cover artwork, this children's book was inspired by my mother.

Bonnie and the Deaf Bake Squad: A Lesson in Confidence


Click the photo to grab your copy!


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