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Diamonds & Development: 10 Essential Lessons from the 2024 Little League Season

Good Morning My Friends,

By now you've realized I enjoy the sports of baseball and softball, it always has and always will be my favorite sport. Today I'm sharing ten lessons I jotted down in my journal this weekend after the closure of the Little League season for my children.

Also, happy early Father's Day to all the Father's out there!

  1. The golden rule of Little League is to make it so enjoyable that all the kids play again next year. Look at any league and you'll notice a sharp decline in teams as kids age, this is a core driver.

  2. Always maintain a good balance between development, competition, and fun!

  3. For softball teams, it is very beneficial to have a woman(mom) coach. Candidly, this was my first year coaching with women and I'm a big fan (thanks JR & HS).

  4. Teeball is tough to coach after you coach higher levels. (Even the difference from tee-ball to coach pitch is a big deal).

  5. The coaching staff for our Lady Pirates was ACES!

  6. Speaking of coaching - Erin made her tee-ball coaching debut in the last game of the season because I was double booked. She rocks!

  7. You can begin to notice the separation in skill between players in the coach pitch division.

  8. Nothing is greater than seeing your kids enjoy the game you grew up loving.

  9. Practicing a few minutes daily compounds (I recommend 17 minutes daily). You can tell which kids work on it at home.

  10. With large leagues like ours, practice time on fields can be scarce. The games have little impact on development, practices, and training drive growth. You can try and find the time to do more of that with your kids.


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