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Captions vs. Subtitles: What Does Jack Black Miss?

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Captions vs. Subtitles: What Does Jack Black Miss?


This week, a video of Jack Black urging parents to "Turn on The Subtitles" went viral, promoting reading skills. As the author of Mom Dad Not Hear, where I credit captions for my own speedy reading, I can't help but chime in!

While I understand Jack Black's role as an ambassador and the #TurnOnTheSubtitles movement's focus on literacy (great goals!), a crucial distinction exists between subtitles and captions.


  • Subtitles: Translations of spoken dialogue for viewers who understand the content but speak a different language (think English subtitles for a French film).  

  • Captions: Transcripts of ALL audio, including dialogue, sound effects, and speaker identification, designed for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Captions offer a complete audio experience, not just spoken words.  

The #TurnOnTheSubtitles movement emphasizes literacy, but captions are about accessibility. For the Deaf community, picture-in-picture ASL interpretation is the gold standard.


I applaud this movement's push for better literacy. There's always room for improvement in both access and literacy! If this email educates just one person about the power of captions, it's a win.


March Madness


It's that time of the year! I'm rolling with the Houston Cougars to win the Men's tournament over the UConn Huskies.


In the women's tournament (which I will watch more of than the men's) I have the South Carolina Gamecocks beating the Iowa Hawkeyes in what will be a title game with record-breaking viewership.


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