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5 LinkedIn Posts to Ponder from this Week

Good Morning My Friends!


Today I'm switching it up slightly! Rather than one singular message, I'm sharing FIVE LinkedIn posts from this past week. I hope that at least one of them positively impacts you.




  1. The 100-Hour Rule

  2. Great Conversations are Gold

  3. Cadence & Health

  4. Transcend this Bitter Math

  5. "What's this Mornings with Mickey?"  

As always my latest reads will be at the bottom and if you're looking to grab a cool book (I'm biased) for Father's Day, I'd be honored if you gifted mine: Mom Dad Not Hear: 30 Powerful Stories and Lessons about Leadership, Life, and Love from My Deaf Parents.


1. The 100-Hour Rule

Everyone wants to talk about Malcolm Gladwells 10,000-Hour rule.

I’m just over here watching my kids start with the 100-Hour rule.

Here’s the catch, they have no idea that they are doing it.

E has been working on her pitching everyday, for at least 17 minutes (that’s 100 hours in a year).

Will she stick with it? Not sure.

Will I enjoy it while she’s doing it? 💯

Has she gotten noticeably better in just a couple of weeks? Yes.

Everyone can benefit from starting somewhere. Want to get better at a discipline? Start with 17 minutes per day!



2. Great Conversations are Gold

Days when you have an abundance of great conversations help fill the cup.

Today was one of those days for me. From “tell me something good” with my team members, to pleasant client conversations today.

In addition, a special tip of the cap to Bill McKendry and Brad Hebert for being a small part of filling the cup today. I appreciated the time gents.

If you haven’t had a day of conversation abundance in a while, it’s coming!



3. Cadence & Health🚴

Cadence & Health🩺

Years ago I had these shirts made for a team I had.

The intent was to serve as a reminder to always be aware of your cadence and to make your health a priority.

➡️It’s Men’s Health Month this month.

If you don’t have the right cadence in your personal, professional, and physical life your mental, physical, and spiritual health will not be optimized.

Here’s a simple rule: don’t miss two days in a row for any habit that positively supports your cadence and health.

What is something YOU try not to miss two days in a row?



4. Transcend this Bitter Math

Today’s reading from The Daily Dad by Ryan Holiday.🔥



5. "What's this Mornings with Mickey?"

“What’s this Mornings with Mickey?”

A question I was asked yesterday.

It has evolved over time.

1️⃣It started in 2018 as a 2:30 minute audio clip I would send to my UPS team on a specific topic.

2️⃣It evolved into video form that I sent to my fully remote team in 2021.

3️⃣It resurrected in 2023 in a blog/newsletter format.

Regardless of the format, the message will always be delivered with positivity and purpose.



This Week's Book Recommendation


P.S. If you're on Goodreads sign up for a chance to win a Kindle copy of Mom Dad Not Hear -

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