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Mornings with Mickey - December 1, 2023


Welcome to the inaugural edition of "Mornings with Mickey" – your source for insights and inspiration centered around leadership, life, and love.

The Mornings with Mickey journey did not just happen overnight. It began in 2017, with 90-second voice memos that I often shared with my team. Now, I'm transforming that concept into the written word, and I'm thrilled to have you on board.

I’m creating this newsletter because I realize I have a unique perspective on the world from being a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), I aim to offer stories and lessons that empower you to evolve into a better leader, better parent, better version of yourself.

In this debut issue, let's kick things off with a lightning round of Q&A to give you a taste of what to expect:

Q: Is your real name really Mickey?

A: Yes, indeed! Named after Mickey Mantle, though my perspective on it shifted after a recent eye-opening autobiography experience.

Q: Who are you?

A: Like you, I wear many hats - Husband, Father, Son, Sales Manager, Business Owner, Author, Speaker, Board Member, Coach, Grill Master – just to name a few.

Q: Why are you qualified to write a newsletter?

A: Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. But Mornings with Mickey is my unique perspective, shaped by being a CODA and the lessons learned from my Deaf Parents.

Q: How do you have time for this?

A: The magic formula: Put kids to bed early + stay up late + get up early = Magic Happens. (Ok, there is more to it than that. Systems, processes and routines play a big role as well).

Q: Are you going to talk about books every time?

A: No, but you'll always find a glimpse of what I'm reading at the end of each newsletter.

Q: What are you going to talk about?

A: Mornings with Mickey will explore the realms of leadership, life, and love. Expect interviews, quotes, stories, excerpts from my writing, and more – anything that can positively impact lives.

Now, let me share a quick story and throw down a challenge. Recently, during my annual physical, my doctor introduced the concept of "A Bug and A Wish," particularly in the context of parenting.

As a striver in life, I came up with an example within the context of this life:

"It bugs me when someone doesn't live up to their potential."

"I wish they would understand they are here to make an impact."

I won't keep you for a ten-minute read, but I leave you with this: embrace the bug, chase the wish, and let's make an impact!

I look forward to sharing many more mornings with you,


My Latest Read:

Be the One: The Universal Roadmap to Create, Design, and Live an Unforgettable Life by Justin Prince

Grab Your Copy:

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