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-Mickey Carolan

White male, bald head, smiling with a blue dress shirt on and his hands out as if giving a speech

Meet Mickey Carolan

White male, bald head, seated in a chair leaning on one leg. Wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up

Don't overthink this question...

What is the first question that comes to your mind when I tell you I grew up with two Deaf Parents?

There's a good chance it was this:

"Do you know sign language?"

Drawing from the powerful stories and lessons gained from my experiences as a CODA, I guide leaders in living, leading, and loving with purpose



Author & Speaker Mickey Carolan is a storyteller with a unique perspective. Growing up with two Deaf parents, he became fluent in one of the most beautiful languages in the world, American Sign Language. Fueled by a passion to honor his family's remarkable legacy, Mickey's words leap off the page, inviting readers into his world.


Nestled just outside the vibrant hub of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mickey shares his life with his cherished wife, Erin, and their dynamic duo, Elloree, and Brooks. Amidst the hustle and bustle of optimizing global supply chains and being his wife's trusty cheerleader in the salon realm, Mickey finds inspiration in writing about leadership and the intricate dance of life.


Beyond the keyboard, Mickey finds joy in a variety of roles – a family man devoted to his loved ones, a youth sports coach molding future champions, an avid reader delving into diverse realms of thought, and a fitness enthusiast who finds strength not only in lifting weights but in the weights of life's experiences.


Mickey Carolan adds a new layer to the legacy he seeks to preserve with every word he crafts. Through his stories, we're reminded that the beauty of life lies not just in its smooth paths, but in the unexpected twists and turns that shape us.

Books by Mickey Carolan

Mickey Carolan has captivated young readers with two delightful children's books.


In 2024, Mickey released his best-selling memoir Mom Dad Not Hear.


Mickey Carolan Speaking Engagements

Experience Mickey Carolan's dynamic and engaging speaking style in person. Watch these highlights from some of his recent talks and see how he inspires leaders to lead, live, and love with purpose.

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